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The Deerwoode 10-10-2: The Movie

Bill and Jeff explains it all

by Tim Stuart

This was filmed on August 19, 2015 at one of the annual Camper/Counselor/JC reunions. The raw video had disappeared years ago, but I discovered that I had input it onto a hard drive after all and was able to edit a good copy of this invaluable resource. In this video, Bill Mayes explains all of the exercises, reveals his philosophies about the program, and actually demonstrates some of them himself. A bonus, near the end, is his demonstration of “The Big Walk” and his successful demo of “Skinning the Cat”, after all these years. To assist Bill with the demonstration of each of the exercises is former camper/counselor Jeff Guillebeau.


It is strongly advised to watch the entire 28 minute video at least once, to get an idea of Bill’s passion for this work and to pick up the nuances of the Program as well as the cautions.

If you need a refresher of the exercises, Bill addresses:

  • Arms at 3:15
  • Core at 8:09 by Bill himself and Jeff at 11:50
  • Legs at 15:07
  • “The Big Step” is demonstrated at 24:31
  • Bill “Skins the Cat” (Listed as “Roll Over Bar” on the second page) at 25:12
  • Paul McGuire demonstrates to use of the “Flex Stick” at 25:34
  • Scott Molitor uses the “Flex Stick” at 26:05 and
  • Scott “Skins the Cat” at 27:05