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John O. Knox


Memories = Greatest childhood experiences imaginable. Bill Mayes was one of the finest men that I have ever met. The webmaster was my first counselor and he was a great guy as well. Wonder if he still has the dulcimer and the rebel flag. Saddened that such a great institution no longer exists but would love to visit the site as I spend a fair amount of time in Western N. Carolina. My girls are looking at the camp that we used to have dances with (Illahee).

Memories are endless but settling disputes with the boxing gloves was classic. Capture the flag and wrestling over the mud hole were great experiences. Eating everything that you put on your plate has stuck with me for life. comments = Has anyone discussed the prospects of trying to make Deerwoode a boys’ camp again? It is exactly what our society needs. Discipline and structure and outdoor fun.