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Deerwoode Through the Years (Intro)

A Visual Record

All the time I was at Deerwoode, I rarely thought about preserving what was happening so I could be nostalgic about it later. This, of course, was long before the ubiquitous cell phone placed a camera in everyone’s hands. Instamatic and Poloroid cameras were available, but were more difficult to drag around to our daily activities. Consequently, I have very few pictures from my 13 years at Camp.

In this section, I have posted any shots that I did manage to collect as well as a surprise find of a 3-minute Super 8 film that I recorded in 1978. (This I have cut up and added the clips in appropriate places throughout the website). I also raided the Deerwoode Facebook page and re-posted most of the photographs on this site, with due credit given to the original poster. I did this without permission, so if anyone objects to the use of your snapshots, please let me know and I will quickly take them down. I did not include captions on the photos that aren’t mine, but we can fix that, too.

If you find stuff you’d like to contribute, please let me know and we’ll make it happen.