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Deerwoode Saturday Night

To the tune, “Livingston Saturday Night” (Jimmy Buffett)

You got your Izods and your khakis
You’re dressed up tight
Lookin’ for a girl to treat you right
Rockin’ and a rollin’ on a Deerwoode Saturday night
There’s one over there, you got it made
If we sing the next line, we’ll get the blade
Groovin’ and a movin’ on a Deerwoode Saturday night

(Chorus)  So won’t you listen to the sound of the dancin’ tunes
Boogie with your baby, try to make her swoon
Dance it slow, watch Steve Cole
Stand there and drool
Or hit on the honeys that are still in high school
Fifteen’ll get you twenty, that’s alright
‘Cause we’ll be rockin’ and a rollin’ on a Deerwoode Saturday night

And then after the dance, we had a Spaz Day
Throw ’em in the mud and call it fair play
And try to remember how they looked on Saturday night
Is that the one I had? She changed her hair
Looks more like the one standin’ one over there
We shoulda got ’em muddy when we danced on Saturday night.