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Obstacle Course

by Tim Stuart

The Obstacle Course was my baby, created in 1982 — my final year at Deerwoode. I had read about the sport of Orienteering and even though I had never participated in that activity, I approached Bill about it. He loved the idea, so we built a modified Orienteering course that covered Sugarloaf Mountain. Bill and I collaborated on the rules and the clues. The clues were sealed in plastic film containers and I used a compass and a long rope to place the clues that would also require identifying types of trees or geographic features.

Initially, the course was difficult to complete for any group. Compounding this was the tendency for a hard rainstorm to dislodge the film containers and move them around. In reviewing the rules posted here (which were created after I left), it appears that the containers were replaced with metal markers using my original designs as proof of discovery (more like actual Orienteering). In this case, it wasn’t necessary to cut up the clues for each container, which is much less messy.