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Kris Puri


Memories: 1. I peed on Cabin 13’s Chimney and a few days later fell on some slippery roots by the Cabin, real bad. I am I still cursed or was it a one time thing ( I hope)?
2. Playing capture the flag in the middle of the night with ketchup bottles was the most surreal experience of my life. I still look back on it and it seems like a dream. I can picture myself creeping through the marsh and swimming out to the island to get the flag with the bonfire raging. I think I stayed out till 4 am.

Wild story: Watching Bill whip a camper (several times) with his lanyard (you know the one) for calling another camper “Tubsy” because he wet his bed too often. Put him on blade too. Did it in front of the whole cabin. Now that’s discipline! Curiously the bully never said anything again and Tubsy stopped wetting his bed immediately.

Comments: I have a hazy memory of some dancing event with girls at another location. Did this happen? Also I sent away for x-ray specs to be delivered to my cabin and they never showed up. Is there still a lost and found? Let me know when the next reunion is, I think I have make an offering to Cabin 13.