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Deerwoode Through the Years (Intro)

A Visual Record All the time I was at Deerwoode, I rarely thought about preserving what was happening so I could be nostalgic about it later. This, of course, was long before the ubiquitous cell phone placed a camera in everyone’s hands. Instamatic and Poloroid cameras were available, but were more difficult to drag around …

The David Cook Collection

Cabin Portraits People Activities, Landscapes, Miscellaneous

The Michael Scott Myers Collection

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The Tim Stuart Collection

People The JCs Cabin Portraits Landscapes, Events, and Miscellaneous

The Pepper Graham Collection

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The Elizabeth Mayes Collection

Liz Mayes ran the Craft Shop at Deerwoode which was consistently the most popular activity every year. To this day, many of us cherish the pots that we threw or the lanyards that we created while at Camp Deerwoode. She is an extraordinary artist as well. She would usually check in with us at each …

The Tom Kale Collection

20 Years Later When Tom came to Deerwoode for the 2011 Reunion, he took the time to explore the entire campus with his camera. Of course, Deerwoode was a Resort area at the time and much of the lumber from the old cabins had been reused in the rustic, but modernized cabins that dotted the …

The Gil Stose / David Fisch Collection

Artwork from the Craft Shop Gil Stose David Fisch

The David Dye / Carlos Boothby Collection

David Dye Carlos Boothby

The Lee Coleman / Craig Eubanks Collection

Lee Coleman Craig Eubanks

The Gene Spivey / John Edens Collection

Gene Spivey John Edens

The John Schmidt / John Stanford Rachels Collection

John Schmidt John Stanford Rachels

The Kellim Brown / Tim Cowlbeck Collection

Kellim Brown Tim Cowlbeck

The George Sherrill Collection