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Keeping in touch (Intro)

by Tim Stuart

During the off-season, Bill Mayes would send a newsletter to all Deerwoodians — campers, staff, JCs, etc. — to offer a little bit of insight on happenings around the camp. This would remind everyone that the camp continued to offer adventures for Bill, his family, and other caretakers even when campers weren’t there. He almost always took the time for a short personal message as well (at least for us staff members), very often encouraging us to contact a camper from the previous summer who hadn’t signed up yet for the next summer. There were bonus trips and special dinners for 100% re-enlisted cabins, as I recall. It was always a special treat to be reminded of the Deerwoode summer during the colder months of the year.

These newsletters were typed out on a machine called a “typewriter” and the ink did not scan very well. My apologies.

— Tim Stuart