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Lee Domingue


What a place….no other place has had a more positive impact on my life than Camp Deerwoode. The challenges, successes and even defeats were worth every minute. I wish my 4 boys (Winston-14; Harrison-10; Grayson-9 and Ashton-4) could experience such a place. Our new girl, Isabella (4weeks) will have to go to Illahee.


First Memory of Deerwoode? Blue Ridge Mountains Fresh Air & PC Gym Sign: “God gave our mind and body to develop both to the best of our ability.”

Favorite Memory of Deerwoode? So many.  The fact that TM ran it with rules that were black or white……no gray area son at Deerwoode.  Best environment for a young man and any man to be in.

Best memory of either the Rifle Range or Archery? Bub Taylor without question.  He always made time to talk to you about life.  He was a true gentleman, a great leader and outstanding yeoman.

Best memory of the Craft Shop? Never took crafts but loved the lanyards they produced.  Liz and Mrs. Taylor always brought elegance to the Deerwoode world of testosterone.

Wild Ride?  I do remember the Pat Scanlon episode!   Also, I remember my butt being on fire riding on the round dishes…. this led to The Man installing high tech heat shields on the bottom later giving the idea to NASA for the space shuttle.