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Tim Everett


Sound – Most impressive sound memory? — “Mealtime is here, the board is spread, thanks be to God, who gives us bread.”  

Touch – Physical recollection? — The rope that went out over the swimming lake. And letting go. 

Smell? — The smell from the firing range after shooting .22s. I love that smell.

Taste? — Bug juice.

Fear – What scared you most? — We were at the evening gathering, sorry I don’t remember what it was called officially, up the hill at the amphitheatre. Tom came up and said they had some announcement to make, that a crazy guy had escaped from the asylum and was last seen on Brevard campus with a chainsaw and was suspected of killing a couple girls. They were going to gather everyone and… about that time someone cranked up a chainsaw behind us, and the entire area emptied in about half a second.  

Embarrassment — I grew up a skinny, awkward, poor kid with red hair and freckles, with barely any real athletic ability. Deerwoode was three weeks (twice) of being teased. I’m proud to say it was a positive experience for me. Worst embarrassment was going to the coed dance at

Greatest triumphs at Camp? — Everything was a triumph. There were so many new experiences for me and I tried everything. Sucked at most of it, but I tried it anyway. I think I’ll use that as my triumph: trying, failing, never quitting.