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Paul McGuire


SOUND – The “perfect quiet” those few minutes before the wake-up bell, when you are awake in your bunk in anticipation of that piercing sound and the day that was ahead…

TOUCH – My hands on a basketball, in the Big Gym, learning the game that I love…

SMELL – A tie – the fresh cut grass still to this day AND Bub Taylor’s Hopkins County Stew wafting thru the air all afternoon

FEAR – Looking up at Bill after taking an elbow to the nose in a hoops game and breaking it…. only to hear him yell “get up, your bleeding all over my court”

EMBARRASSMENT – An easy one….in my stellar role as “Trash Haul Paul”, taking out a post trying to park that damn “Puff” at the shop.  I’ll never forget the look on Tim Stuart’s face when he ran in….looked like the whole shop was coming down……JC court was not pleasant after that….

TRIUMPH – Being asked to return to camp as a counselor after being fired for the Keystone incident (still want to know Bill’s sources on this).  Was fortunate to serve as the PC counselor for 2 full summers and loved every minute of it.  (Honorable Mention –  dunking on 7 foot Steve Roepke in a counselor pickup game….Honorable Mention 2 – beating two Deerwoode legends, Matt Mayes and Teddy Fitzgerald in the decathlon mile run our 9th grade summer…for a brief, very brief decathlon lead…Mayes claims he was “sick”….whatever..)