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Keystone Freaks

To the tune,”Super Freak”

[As I recall, we all got “Blade Duty” for this — an hour or so of cutting weeds in a field — because we had debuted it at a joint Keystone/Deerwoode Campfire]

They were very kinky campers
The kind you don’t take to your cabin
But they never let our spirits down
Once we got them in the gym

They liked the boys in the camp
They know that cabin 8’s the greatest
When they come to us on Wednesday for a Spaz Day
We’ll bring ’em to their knees

Chorus – That Keystone’s really wild now
(Though some of them were freaks)
The kind of girls you read about
(In horror magazines)
That camp was really kinky
(They still were super freaks)
Reminded us of something
(In the middle of the street)
But they’re all right, they’re all right
They’re all right with me–hey hey hey hey
They were super freaks, super freaks
They’re super freaky now!

There were a few special girls
(The kinda girls you want around)
From their head down to their toenails
(Down to their feet)
Well, they’re waitin’ for us in the parking lot now
By the big red bus
Ten’s not a crowd to them thay say
In the cabin they’ll be waiting
When we get there, they have bug juice and some cookies
It’s such a freaky scene