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John Savage


Sight – Seeing the gates of Deerwoode as I entered the camp each summer.  Every time I saw them, feelings of excitement and a few a butterflies were always in my stomach.

Sound – The sound of the bell at the gymnasium – morning, day, and finally at night.

Touch – The morning dew on my feet as we walked to flag raising every morning.

Smell – The smell of my clothes after a night of Farmers, Indians, and Pioneers.  Always smelled like the fire pit.

Taste – Cheerwine at Canteen – every time.

Fear – Failing to meet expectations in the JC Program.  When you did (and I did . . . on many occasions), you knew you were going to hear about it.

Embarrassment – First time as Head Cook, forgetting to re-order the fried chicken, mashed potatoes and green beans for Sunday lunch.  Epic fail.  Screwed up right out of the gate.  Bonus gone and hefty fine to boot.

Triumph – The few times I managed to squeak out a win against Bill on the tennis court.  Played him dozens of times . . . can count the victories on just one hand.  But the few times of victory really felt good.