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The JC Fine Structure

by Robert Adams

Minor offenses, such as leaving clothes left on the cabin floor, often resulted in a $1.00 fine.  The most severe penalties in my day were ones where the guilty party was fined $50 and given four licks.  Those cases were almost always a Head Cook who had been through a disastrous week, forfeiting all of his bonuses in addition to the fine.

JC Automatic Fines

  1. At least one letter home each week ($5.00)
  2. Profanity ($1.00; $2.00 + one lick for 2nd offense)
  3. FOP ($5.00)
  4. FO ($1.00)
  5. Sneakers Free
  6. Haircut ($25.00)
  7. Breakage (replacement cost)
  8. Deerwoode Damage (replacement cost)
  9. Promptness ($1.00; $1.00 per minute for second offense)
  10.  Same Mistake Twice (double fine)
  11.  Killing Snake ($25.00)
  12.  Killing King Snake ($50.00)
  13.  Breaking J.C. Rule # 26 ($5.00)
Fine Book Code Offense
ADDAttempted Deerwoode Damage
BDBad Waiter
BSBlank Spaces
BTBlocking Traffic
CCCoffee Cups
COCContempt of Court
COCCContempt of Constructive Criticism
COGClothes on Ground
CIGClothes in Gym
COFClothes on Floor
CLFClothes in Lost & Found
CPCoffee Pot
C38PDFWCrossing 38 Degree Parallel During Firecracker War 
DADumb Ass
DAQDumb Ass Question
DODisobeying Order
DDODirectly Disobeying Order
DKDirty Kitchen
EBMEating Before Meal
EDIKE.D. in Kitchen
EKBEmpty Ketchup Bottles
FDFood Dropping
FMForgot Milk
FOForce Out
FOPForce Out in Public
FTFront Table
GIDGrass in Drink
HPIKHorse Play in Kitchen
KSKilling Snake
KKSKilling King Snake
LBISLady Bug in Salad
LCOLeft Cabinets Open
LOT Laying on Table
LUTLift Up on Tractor
LFFWLost & Found Fireworks
LTOLeft Tools Out
MAMessy Area
MBMessy Bed
NANot Awakening
NCCNo Cabin Clean-up
NCPNo Clean Pot
NHNegligent Homicide
NLNo Letter
NLJNo Lid on Juice
NONo Observance
NP No Pencil
NS1No Soap
NS2No Sweep  
NTDIKNothing To Do in Kitchen
NTFNot Tasting Food
PBPower Booster
PBJPeanut Butter Jars
PICPlastic in Compost
SFSour Food
SHFKStealing Hats From Kitchen
SICSaying I Can’t
SIKStuff In Kitchen
SJRShirking Job Responsibility
SSServing Spoons
TCTrash Cans
UD1Unclean Dishes
UD2Unnecessary Driving
WDWreckless Driving
WPWater Pitchers
WQSleeping in Cabin During Day
WRDirty Porch
WSNo Sugar in Tea
HOJFPTHoarding Orange Juice From Peons Twice
OFDWOverflowing Dishwasher
PMHPremeditated Homicide
PWParking Wrong
TOPMTheft of Personal Munchies
LOT Leaning on Chair
SDSlamming Door
NPIDDNot Participating in Department Discussion
SWODSleeping While on Duty
NATRBNot Adhering to Rulebook
PMCDPremeditated Chip Dropping
NDNot Dancing
BFBLBringing Food Back Late
CILClowning in Lake

Submitted on November 15th, 2004