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A Campfire From 1974

by Tim Stuart

A campfire in 1990

How about this for a find? Digging through a box of old cassette tapes several years ago yielded one labeled “Final Campfire, 1974”, offering 30 minutes of music. Because of rain, this one was held inside — and I think it was the last event held in the old gymnasium before it was torn down. The MC, as usual, was Hank Lewis, and the evening featured several acts, most of them offering reprises of earlier performances.

The Original PC Gym

For you history buffs, this was recorded on August 9th, 1974, shortly after President Nixon announced his resignation. I was a young JC at the time. (In fact, I turned 16 the next day). We were finishing up our kitchen responsibilities and Bill had set up a small TV ( something we hadn’t seen all summer) to let us watch a bit of history. We had to hustle to get ready for that evening’s festivities.

Oddly, the individual cabins are underrepresented here. I don’t think I started recording until the Campfire was well underway, which would account for that.

Listen to the full recording:

Final Campfire, 1974

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