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Robert Thorington


First Memory of Deerwoode?  Somehow my mom was the local Deerwoode host for Montgomery. I’ll never forget meeting Bill for the first time in his BIKE shorts & Deerwoode T shirt. I am sure we all remember TM’s uniform. Shortly afterwards I’m on a Piedmont twin engine prop headed to Asheville. Word to the wise, the wing seat is very loud. The following 5 years I sat as far away from the wing as possible. I must have really enjoyed that first year I came back 9 more. Six years as a camper and 4 years as a counselor.

Favorite Memory of Deerwoode?  When I look back on many fond memories of Deerwoode I always remember the smell of the fresh air, walks along the cabin line looking for that cotton picking key, campfires etc. I also will never forget the peace and tranquility of the chapel area. I always tried to sit over the stream. What a great place to hear about the LORD! 

Best memory of the Craft Shop? Making bowls, snuffy smiths and lanyards. Still making lanyards and even my kids know how. They have made some and sold them on Ebay.

NOTE: We now use 500lb test military spec para cord instead of craft shop lanyard material.

Favorite River Trip Memory?  Pulling a page out of Jack’s play book. Hiding in the middle of the river with a big leafy branch covering my face. I can still see the look on those campers faces when I turned them over.