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Workin’ Hard at Camp Deerwoode

To the tune, “Old Joe Clark” (an old dulcimer tune)

We’re all here at Deerwoode Camp
Happy as can be
Doin’ our best to have some fun
And working in PC

(Chorus)  Workin’ hard at Camp Deerwoode
Workin’ as we play
Workin’ hard at Camp Deerwoode
And we are here to stay

When ol’ Jeff Coggins went on home
There’s trouble in the air
Racin’ right through Asheville town
He met ol’ Smokey Bear

The girls from Keystone were alright
And we had lots of fun
In the Spaz Day, just today
We kept them on the run


We’re the boys from cabin 3
The best one on the hill
And if you don’t agree with us
Just go and talk to Bill