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The Deerwoode Special

To the tune, “The Midnight Special”

Well, you wake up in the morning
You hear the ding dong ring
You stagger to the flagpole
Every day, the same thing
Well, there’s breakfast on the table
Oatmeal is in the pan
And if you say anything about it
You’ll be in trouble with The Man

(Chorus)  So let the Deerwoode Special
Shine it’s light on me
Let the Deerwoode Special
Shine it’s ever lovin’ light on me

Well, if you’re ever at Keystone
You’d better walk right
Page Ives is watching
And she will growl and bite
There have been many victims
And we’ve lost several friends
Who’ve gone over to Keystone
And ain’t come back again


Well we had some fine dancin’
and tournaments galore
Every time we’re with Keystone
We try our best to score
We did better at Spaz Day
Where it was never a dud
Cause it seemed that for the whole day
They looked better in the mud