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Chris David


Sorry to be so serious, but I look at my Deerwoode experience as one of my anchors for being who I am today. It provided me an environment where I could have fun, be competitive, and learn how to be disciplined.

Too many memories to choose from:

1) As a counselor, sitting on top of the mountain (as a pioneer with a group of 7-8 year olds), a bobcat decided to venture into our campsite and scream his head off. I’m not certain who was more scared, the kids, me, or the bobcat. OK, I’m certain there are plenty of you who say that’s not true. Hey, I do know one thing for certain, Crazy Jack still lives on the Mountain.

2) As a counselor, finding a field of pot on one of our canoeing trips.

3) Watching The Man blow bees/hornets nests out of trees.


Sight – Driving down the river road and passing the Deerwoode sign on the way into camp each year…knowing I was finally back. And of course, passing the sign on the way out…knowing I had survived.

Sound – “Quuuuiet”

Touch – Cold water in the showers, swim hole, river, rain. I think the only warm water around was in the mud holes.

Smell – Sleeping in the barn with hay, pigs, cows, and whatever else happen to be living in there.

Taste – Coke and hot peanuts

Embarrassment – Getting a murder ball in the face was never a good moment.

Triumph – Winning the wrestling tourney several years.