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Matt Mayes


“The world is not looking for the average man, one content to live off the fat of the land, who likes the tree with one dead limb and never uses the talents God has given him. “

The champion man could be you, but only your best effort will ever do.

We were lucky to live in that time and be able to do the things we got to do. Those days are gone and it is sad. My dad was tough, but he was tough on everyone, no exceptions. He prepared us well for life’s tough licks and instilled in us the guts to get back up and always give your best.

I grew up at Deerwoode. As Bill’s youngest son and brother to Andy, I saw some unreal stuff over the years. Here are just a few things I remember: 1. the escaped convict stunt with Allen Samford, later known as 4 toes, another story. 2. Andy taking on the entire Mountain All Sports Camp after a wrestling match, no one jumped! 3. Bullet [the bull] knocking Hank Lewis down the hill in front of Cabin 8 one morning. Only time I ever saw Hank scared. 4. Sniffer [the ram] knocking down that big butt Illahee counselor at the camp dance. 5. Charlie Steck eating 8 camp hamburgers, unreal. 6. “Smoke On The Water” at Campfire with Steck on the trash can drums. 7. John Nixon, “Nick my bud” picking the SG, Sweet Home at campfire, started my guitar playing! 8. Jim Hill shooting an arrow through Crick the Turkey’s neck. 9. Green Jeans, 10. Lodge One skits with Wufford D. Curto and Ernest T. Peabody. “Borderline material,” The Man said. 11. Shooting lots of baskets, defense, PC day and the Decathlon…..! 12. Seeing Charlie Anderson doing a 360 dunk in a game in the big gym, unreal!