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Jeff Sasser


My thanks to Bill and family for creating something so special that it is impossible to describe. After last year’s reunion I came home brimming with all of these great stories and pictures, and I would try to explain Deerwoode to others and they would just look at me as if I’d taken leave of my senses! Deerwoode was something so special that unless you were part of it, you’ll never get it or understand it. I am a member of the most prestigious organization in the world. I’m a former Deerwoode camper and J.C. What an honor!

My memories are campfire songs and skits, overnight camping trips, farmers and Indians, dances, Hank ringing the bell to make announcements after we ate ( “The cream shall RIIISE to the top!” ), that great ice cold swimming lake, PC!, bike rides to Biltmore ice cream on the world’s most dangerous bicycles, archery, Mr. Taylor and his stew, Indian tribes, The Man, lanyards, pottery, Mrs. Mayes, laundry days, racing to get to ring the big bell, French Broad River trips, “the Rooster Tail” at Toxaway falls,…