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by Tim Stuart

After breakfast each day, we tidied up our cabins for the daily inspection (the winners of which would garner a steak dinner at the end of camp). The rest of the morning was taken up with instructional classes. All campers were assigned PC every day, but they had the opportunity to choose their other areas of interest. Before arriving in Camp, each camper would fill out an activity request card:

Image courtesy Elizabeth Mayes

Each camper’s schedule would be posted inside their cabin so they knew which classes to attend. “A Day” was Monday, Wednesday, and Friday; “B Day” was Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

When the big bell would ring, everyone would leave one class and hustle to the next one. Below is an excellent map of the Deerwoode campus, beneath a 1978 panorama of the fields from the top of the dam. The map was drawn by Ms. Mayes for the 1980 brochure, and will give you an idea where the classes were . For several years, I was in charge of the Workshop, where campers could learn how to build and play an Appalachian dulcimer. The workshop was between the Dining Hall and the Barn (but not shown here):