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Classic Deerwoode Songs

by Tim Stuart

“Chief” Wild (left) and Dari Cochran, 1970

Timeless Tunes

These are the some of the traditional Deerwoode songs. I don’t know the complete pedigree of these tunes, but I do know that Dari (Derry?) Cochran had a hand in some of them. Bill, Tom, and Hank surely were involved as well. I’ll include those I can remember, but would appreciate all input.

Butter Beans

To the tune, “Just a Closer Walk With Thee” Just a bowl of butter beansPass the cornbread if you pleaseI don’t want no turnip greensJust a bowl of [Mama’s, Fowler’s, JC’s] butter beans Ham and gravy is all rightTurkey sandwich a delightAll the children shout and screamFor a bowl of [Mama’s] butter beans When I’m …

Let Me Be Your PC Man

To the tune, “Let Me Be Your Salty Dog“ (Chorus)  Let me be your PC manWhistle and lanyard in my handCome let me be your PC man Shuttle, shuffle, rattle them bonesWe sure hear some awful moansCome let me be your PC man We got our body and mindTo coordinate your big behindCome let me be …

The Rooster Song

To the tune, “Pretty Red Wing” (The chorus seems to be, anyway) We had some chickensNo eggs would they layWe had some chickensNo eggs would they layMy wife said honeyWe’re losing moneyThis isn’t funnyWhy don’t they lay? One day a rooster flew into our yardAnd caught those chickensRight off their guard “Chorus”– They’re laying eggs …