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The Great Keystone Holdup

To the tune, “The Great Fillin’ Station Holdup” (Jimmy Buffett)

[Composed for a joint Camp Keystone/Deerwoode campfire]

Well, we all rolled into Keystone
On a dark and moonless night
We crept on in, as quiet as mice
Everything looked right.
And then–out jumped Benson Murray
With his trusty ol’ rubber gun
And he said, “Ladies, this is a holdup
Keep quiet, and don’t run”

(Chorus)  Well, I wish I were somewhere other than here
Down in some honky tonk
Sippin’ on a beer, yes I
Wish I were somewhere other than here
‘Cause that great Keystone holdup
Cost me something dear

We got fifteen t-shirts and bra straps by the score
And it looks like our little holdup
Won’t hold up any more
Feeling we had pulled the biggest heist of our career
We’re wanted men–we’ll strike again
But first, let’s have a beer


We’re sittin’ at McDonald’s
Just laughin’ at our take
We saw Paige in the drive-thru
We knew what was at stake
Well we fled from there like a pack of hares
Left our loot behind
And snuck right back to Keystone
To see what else we could find