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Deerwoode USA

To the tune, “Surfin’ USA

If there’s a place in this country
Where we can work and play
It would be here at Deerwoode
At Deerwoode USA
We’ll all be wearing our gym shorts
And all our lanyards, too
A [Cooper Taylor, Dave McBrady, Andy Mayes] style crew cut
Deerwoode USA

(Chorus)  You’ll see us going to PC
And down at Nature, too
Cruisin’ down that river
All over the mountain
And up the Pioneer way
Thumb your nose at the panther
Deerwoode USA

We’re on that Keystone Route
We’re gonna take real soon
And if we had our way, boy
We’d all be here till next June
We’ll all be gone for the summer
We’re here at Deerwoode to stay
Tell the teacher we’re at Deerwoode
Deerwoode USA